Tiny Pizza presents Sound Bites

Saturday, December 10 2016


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Featuring Musical Guests THEO KATZMAN and COBY BROWN

With Improv From:

BAD AT PARTIES - Will Hines and Jen Krueger

FANCY BOYS - Sam Fishell, Matthew Hays, Alex Jacobs and Brendan Scannell.  

ARCADE CURRENCY - Aman Adumer, Gerald Grisette, Ayinde Howell, Edgar Momplaisir, Kingsley Pascal, Kalle Pascal and Dane Troy

TINY PIZZA - Amy Aniobi, John Bogulski, Ryan Clark, Anna Halligan, Andrew Tucci and John David Williams.


Tiny Pizza presents Sound Bites combines live music from some of LA's most talented up and coming singer/songwriters with comedy from some of LA's most hilarious improvisors.  

Each show features two guest musicians and four improv teams.  The musicians will each take turns playing original songs and talking about the story behind them, and then improv teams will use that to inspire their scenes!  It's a fast, fun, and futuristic show!  (It's not really futuristic, we just needed a third 'f.')  

And if you're reading this, Neil Diamond -- Yes, you can play the show (Sorry we never returned your emails).  

Tiny Pizza is:  
Amy Aniobi
John Bogulski
Ryan Clark
Anna Halligan
Andrew Tucci
John David Williams