North Alamitos High School Talent Show

Monday, December 12 2016


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Welcome to North Alamitos High School's monthly talent show in the Inner Sanctum Cafetorium (half cafeteria, half auditorium) run by the Social Media Drama Club, which is comprised of co-founders/BEST FRIENDS (and only current members in good standing) Jean Whitter and Jean McKay. "A Pair of Jeans" as they like to be called, are North Alamitos High School's elf-proclaimed most popular girls in school. Their greatest talent? Giving really, really harsh good advice!

The school won't let them host the show without an official academic advisor present, but they don't let that ruin the vibe. There is a winner and prizes after all!

Hosted by:
Santina Muha
Heather Sundell