The WSS Mixer

Wednesday, February 8 2017


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Parker Posey 
(Jennifer Cascio, Jillian Dunn, Hannah Kanengieter, Katie Nathan, Luce Tomlin-Brenner)

Kait & Andrew 
(Kait Thompson, Andrew Stanton)

Mash Up Team 1 
Kody Schmidt 
Cara Myers 
Merryn Landry  
Jeffrey Terwilliger
Tiffany Mualem
Catherine G. Donnelly
Aman Adumer
Jessica Weiner

Mash up Team 2
Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber
Diona Burnett
Blake Wilding 
Luke Jensen 
Ben Cassil
Clara Baker
Chuck Maa

Hot Croissant 
(Jess Eason, Cara Meyers, Lisa Timmons) 


The Work Study Students help take care of the theater and make UCB amazing!  The WSS Mixer show this is not just a mash up improv show, but also an open mic for standup, storytelling, character monologues and sketch, but most importantly a place for all WSS past and present to get to know each other. The show will change each month based on what the WSS want to do! 

Hosted by Jennifer Cascio, Matt Apodaca, and Greg Giebel

If you're a WSS and want to submit a pitch please email [email protected]