Seminal Presents: Masters of Cinema!

Friday, March 17 2017


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Brace yourselves for a pretentious, convoluted, high-concept-themed monthly improv show that is sure to delight and possibly confuse!  Improv teams, when called to the stage, will blindly draw a category from Seminal's "Elements of Film" instructional guide (categories include: Character, Plot, Genre, Sequels, etc.) and perform an improv set in accordance with the parameters laid out in their respective category (you'll see what the 'rules' are).  Does that sound confusing?  You bet it does!  But we are master academics/scholars and through our improv instruction, viewers will learn how to become proficient in creating each necessary element of great cinema!  Come watch some unusual improv, leave as an expert filmmaker!*

8pm, every third Friday of the month!

*UCB cannot guarantee you will leave as an expert filmmaker.  This is by no means an accredited course, or even educational.

Hosted by Seminal (Yaki Margulies, Oscar Montoya, Genetra Tull, Mark Mitchell, Chuck Maa, Maria Walsh-Cole, Blake Wilding, Kathryn Molloy, and Jason Kaye)