Joke Trivia Night!

Wednesday, March 29 2017


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


We're turning the entire Inner Sanctum into an interactive game show where anyone can compete. This is not a show. This is a game! 

Imagine bar trivia night without the douchebags and impossibly shitty questions. Here you get awarded points for being funny. And there are real* prizes! 

Questions testing your comedy skills range from finishing jokes, like this one:
"Sad Sally thinks this idea is such a rip off of Match-Game, she said _____"

Or watching live character bits and your team has to write the next joke for them.

Or a caption contest? Probably not!

Come with a group or come alone to play in Joke Trivia Night where it is GUARANTEED you will leave with MILLIONS of dollars. 

*Prizes may not be real

Hosted by Drew DiFonzo Marks and James Masteini plus special guests.