Last Day of School: The Txt Msg Show

Thursday, September 7 2017


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

Using actual text messages from audience members' phones as inspiration, Last Day of School creates a fast, funny, and fully improvised show. 

It's silly. 

It's smart. 

It's all based on YOUR texts. 

Be sure to bring your mobile device!

Featuring a rotating cast including:

Stephanie Allynne
Heather Campbell
Neil Campbell
Jen D'Angelo
Drew DiFonzo Marks
David Harris
Paul Rust

"Unadulterated talent... so consistently awesome" -Time Out Los Angeles

"Pencil this in"

"Best Improv Show" - LA Weekly Best of LA Issue, 2009

"Best Improv Show" - LA Weekly Best of LA Issue, 2012

Convoy is a fast-paced three-man improv show that takes its name from everyone's favorite song by C.W. McCall. They create 30 minutes worth of rapid fire, stream of consciousness scenes that keep moving forwards like a caravan of 18 wheelers racing towards the border. Quick, smart and funny, Convoy has been doing sold out shows since before Obama took office. Come see why.


Alex Berg
Todd Fasen
Alex Fernie

"Go see this show. It's probably the best 3 man improv on the West Coast."

"Best Improv Show" - LA Weekly Best of LA Issue, 2009

"Best Improv Show" - LA Weekly Best of LA Issue, 2012

"Convoy (a rare three-member troupe in a sea of eights) proves what can happen when a few players know each other's brains so well that they function as a very funny one." -Time Out Los Angeles

"Alex Berg, Todd Fasen, and Alex Fernie have been performing together for years, and it definitely shows onstage." -Splitsider

"There are other theaters in L.A. with great comedy, and other great comedy shows... but the UCB is king. If you haven't taken the time to see truly exceptional improvisation, like ASSSSSCAT or the amazing group Convoy, you should really make the time." -Jesse Thorn, Bullseye