Parker Posey Party

Wednesday, April 25 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Improv by:
Monika Smith

Ben Cassil, Andrew Grace, Ben Kaplan, Hannah Kornberg, Caity Runger, Eileen Soong. 

Vic Michaelis, Zander Frost, Jonathan Rector

Wayside Supermax
PJ McCormick, Jozef Fahey, Greg Giebel, Liz Reichelt, Justin Patterson, Lauren Knutti


Parker Posey* (the improv team) Loves to Party! We have a new party theme every show and we invite everyone to dress up, grab some punch and play in our mixer (like a jam but way better).

There will also be a special guest who will bring their own party team to celebrate with us!  Want to play with the party team? Parker Posey will raffle 2 slots to audience members. Just dress up or donate to enter the raffle!

We also accept team submissions. Please email [email protected]

Parker Posey: Jennifer Cascio, Jillian Dunn, Hannah Kanengieter and Katie Nathan

*Parker Posey (the actual actress) will not be at this show. This is not her show. This is an improv show hosted by an awesome improv team named "Parker Posey"*