Late Night starring YOU!

Saturday, March 31 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Hollywood's first Late Night TV formatted show written and performed by YOU, the audience.
YOU write the monologue jokes.
YOU write the desk pieces. 
YOU perform the sketches and improv.
YOU do the stand-up.
YOU submit the parody commercials.
YOU get the idea, right?

The show is hosted by the Strong Words comedy team and house band! Monologue jokes and desk pieces will be performed by the host. Performers will be asked to join the host on the couch for a quick interview and to promote your team/show. You know, like a Late Night TV show. Submit your jokes, sketches, videos, team, etc. in advance and YOU could have Late Night material performed live!

For more info and to submit material, email [email protected] with the Subject "Late Night" no later than Friday, March 30th at 12pm.

Starring your host, Greg Vojtanek (voy-TAN-ek) and the Strong Words team of Matt Harris, Sean Ericson Quetulio, Oscar Lemus, Jen Saunderson, and Jason Wolf.