Love Me Cameron Mackintosh!

Tuesday, May 29 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Cameron Mackintosh, Cameron Mackintosh and Cameron Mackintosh are coming to UCB to pick an ensemble to be in their next musical!  We're down to the final round and it's a showdown between two ensemble musical improv troupes.  Who will win?! And at the end you have your shot to win the Mr. Mackintoshes' heart with your performance if you are selected to play with Cameron, Cameron and Cameron at the final open audition musical jam.

A Team:
Andrew Young
Annie Bond
Jesse Kruger
Ryan Pearcy
Charlie Caplan
Andy Apuy
Angela Giarratana
Brad Varian
Tess Gattuso

The Sound of Musical:
Gabe Greenspan
Conor Hanney
Schuyler Jeffress
Brianna McClellan
Brendan McCay
Callie Ott
Becky Sanders
Rama Vallury
Rob Zaleski

And starring as "Cameron Mackintosh," "Cameron Mackintosh" and "Cameron Mackintosh."
Chris Grace
Ross Bryant
John Hartman