The Score

Tuesday, August 7 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Score returns to the UCB Inner Sanctum for another 6 months! Thank you to all of our fans that sent so many home baked apple pies to UCB to let them know how much you love The Score. ♥ 

Come early for our Opening Dance number and stay until the end to play with us and our VIP Guest each month for The Score's Soundtrack Improv Jam. Start improv scenes inspired by music and play with the VIP Guest this month: Kimia Behpoornia!

Check out this Lineup
Stand Up by Jana Schmieding

Music by Bridgid Ryan
Character by Christopher Renfro

THE SCORE'S MONTHLY RAP BATTLE! Champion Laci Mosley will defend her title against new challenger, and last month's exhibition match champion, Ryan Barton!

And as usual your host team The Score: 
Amy Hessler, Oscar Montoya and Ruha Taslimi will perform a Silent Soundtrack improv set. Featuring live musical accompaniment by Gabe Greenspan. Amy is out of town so the wonderful Chad Westbrook and Ryan Barton are going to sit in with us for this show.

This month we are very excited to be playing with special VIP guest Kimia Behpoornia!

Stay til' the end and do a Soundtrack Jam where Gabe Greenspan will provide the live music to start each scene and inspire your improv. Come to The Score and stay and Jam with us and Kimia Behpoornia!


Ready or not here we come, you can’t hide from this fierce variety lineup featuring music, rap, comedy and a jam! Your hosts Oscar “L-Boogie” Montoya, Amy “Wyclef” Hessler, Ruha “Praswell” Taslimi and Ele “P Diddy” Woods perform Silent Soundtrack Improv featuring a special VIP guest each month.  Then you can get up and play with us and our VIP guest during The Score’s Soundtrack Jam!