The Experimence

Sunday, October 7 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Welcome, foolish mortals to The Experimence: A Halloween Graveyard Smash! Featuring special guests:

Harold Teams brought BACK FROM THE DEAD

Monstro (UCB NY Harold Team)
Beth Appel, Dan Black, Sarah Claspell, Frank Garcia-Hejl, Matt Mayer, Paul Welsh

DiCaprio (UCB LA Harold Team)
Matt Apodaca, Ian Christopher, Jonathan Harris, Raiza Licea, Victoria Longwell, Edgar Momplaisir, Sydney Steinberg, Jessica Uhler

Plus a special Halloween performance from Teruko Nakajima, Trick-r-Treaters Danny Beckman and Kyle Thompson (Alyssa Sabo and Miranda Rae Hart) and much more!


Skyler MadsenCory Webster, and Jessica Zepeda are the three greatest scientists in the world. They have used their mighty brains to concoct the perfect variety show: over-the-top inventions, a lovable robot sidekick talking tree, a band of experimental musicians all dressed like Paul Schaffer. Improv, characters, stand-up and sketches. Comedy, music, and weird stuff. It will be an EXPERIMENCE.