Side Coach

Wednesday, October 24 2018


Inner Sanctum

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Guest Coach: Ali Ghandour (The Dragons)

I BELIEVE IN YOU, PETER – Jeremy Schmidt, Tori Brenna, Mark Jacob, Pedro Rojas, Scott Anderson, Sydney Harris, Caitlin Davis, Katie Elsaesser, Keith Anderson

YEARBOOK – Ashley Harper, Joey Sorce, Carter Michael, Steven Parker, Anisa Alamia

BROse GOLD – Kat Hughes, Jesse Gavin, Miles Daniels, Joshua Krilov, Allyson Phillips, Ehrin Marlow, Darius Hamilton-Smith


Ever watched an improv scene that could have been 100 times better with just one little adjustment? We all have, and that's where the Side Coach comes in. At every show, we ask a different UCB teacher or coach to sit on stage and give notes - while the show is going on!

The side coaching might be as simple as "make a stronger choice" or "say yes to this offering", or could be a more elaborate description of what's not working in the scene. The audience laughs, the team on stage gets their minds blown, and the coach gets a nice ego stroke. Everyone wins!

Hosted by Roxbury!