Tell All with Hot Hot Goss

Thursday, January 10 2019


Inner Sanctum @UCB Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Haley Mancini
Milly Tamarez
Max Hawksford

Hot Hot Goss
Karen Baughn, Marie Buck Scott, Hannah Faust, Marcus Folmar, Cassi Jerkins, Jeremy Olson, Bryan Rainstein, Cory Willis 

Alice Bebbington, Sarah Vollman, Katie Barsotti

City Hall
Nina Concepcion, Luke Field, Hannah Garces, Andrew Grace, Olivia Harewood, Allie Jennings, Geoffrey Ross, Dan Torson


Each show, audiences will see original character monologues, then the improv teams will get to interview that character for their “Tell All” book. The team is then free to use the interview or the monologue to inspire their set. Hosted by Hot Hot Goss, a UCB Mess Hall team of eight weirdos who love to tell it all! Submit your improv teams or characters via this link ( & come see us on the second Thursdays of the month at the Inner Sanctum!