WOCA (Women of Color Anonymous)

Wednesday, February 26 2020


Inner Sanctum @UCB Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Waitlist Signups Available at the Box Office

The sketch ensemble / support group WOCA (Women of Color Anonymous) presents a sketch/variety show unlike any other! And we're not just talking about filling your diversity quotas! This late-night show takes a variety of forms; it's a sketch show, sure, but prepare for anything. From stand-up to character monologues, dance numbers to comedic performance art, ANYTHING is possible.

"Y'all are hilarious! Totally killing it!" - audience member (anonymous)
"I have never seen a sketch show like this before." - audience member (anonymous)
"I came here tonight and was not expecting this to be funny. But you know what? I loved it." - audience member (anonymous)