NEWSADOOZIES: A Man-Eating Musical

Welcome to New York, circa eighteen something! Uptown, the aristocrats and robber barons think they own the city. Downtown it’s the thieves, pimps, and she-males. But the real kings of the city, the only truly free ones, are the news boys! Or for short, the newsies! Or for even shorter, the newsadoozies! And for some reason, they’re all British! NEWSADOOZIES: A Man-Eating Musical is a new musical chronicling the news boys of New York City in their adventures of selling newspapers, finding love, and getting eaten by the members of an ancient evil cannibalistic sex cult. Cast: Brian Glidewell Dan Hodapp Aaron Jackson Megan Maes Michael Martin Katie Schorr Stephanie Streisand Book and lyrics by: Brian Glidewell Marcy Jarreau Music & Additional Lyics: Kevin Carter Director: Christopher Gladysz Additional Direction & Staging: Lauren Conlin Adams Help NEWSADOOZIES: THE MOVIE become a reality! Donate here: /newsadooziesthemovie