George Kareman: Incredibly Extreme and Extremely Incredible

George Anagnostakos George Anagnostakos
George Kareman asks you to please be advised of the following before purchasing tickets for this show: WARNING: This is an intense sketch comedy show about an outrageous man. CAUTION: The dangerous-ass stunts in this show are NOT performed by professionals. LOOK OUT: Men wear high heels in this show. That's right. Men. So come watch George Kareman prove to the world he is EXTREME, in a comedy show so INCREDIBLE, you won't believe it. Starring George Kareman, George Anagnostakos, Matt Klinman and Charles Parker Newton. Written by George Kareman and George Anagnostakos. Directed by George Anagnostakos. Videography by Tom Levin. "George Kareman scares ME! He's insane! I won't say his show gave me Goosebumps -- I was laughing too hard!" --R.L. Stine (Goosebumps)