Dan Black: The Pageantry of Man

https://scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/q71/s720x720/1375198_10151626479366016_1204755886_n.jpg Dan Black loves dudes. He's not gay, its not like that, bro! He's just fascinated by male pageantry and the lengths men will go in pursuit of their gimmick.  Dan is a student of the dude game, and school is ALWAYS in session.  Come watch Dan explore the showmanship and majesty of his lifelong hetero infatuation with other men. Written by and starring Dan Black Directed by Jason Shebiro "Turtle Bouncer" Written by Dan Black & Ben Wietmarschen "Blues Dad" Written by Dan Black & Jason Shebiro Videos Directed by Jason Shebiro Videos shot and edited by Zach Goldbaum Additional video by Colin Elzie Music produced and arranged by Ben Krauss