Chris Kelly: America’s Princess Diana

A brand-new hour-long storytelling show from current “Saturday Night Live” writer Chris Kelly, who is commonly referred to by all as America’s Princess Diana. Chris is also a writer and consulting producer for Comedy Central’s upcoming “Broad City” and has worked as a staff writer and director at The Onion and Funny or Die. Plus in 2009, he was randomly pushed into a filthy snow bank by a homeless man, who then helped him up and cackled, “Sorry--- I’m crazy!” But it wasn’t always such glamour. Step back in time and let Chris regale you with stories of growing up as a gay tween liar, of being an extra that was fired off the set of “Heroes,” and of working at a Jewish camp and waking up in a tent covered in another counselor’s piss, puke, and blood. Plus much, much more, including a screening of the saddest pornography Chris has ever seen! Wow. He truly IS America’s Princess Diana. Written & Performed By: Chris Kelly