STONE COLD FOX: Sexy Idiots Stone Cold Fox proudly presents their hottest sketch show to date. You'll be positively wet with laughter when you cum see "Stone Cold Fox: Sexy Idiots." We're talkin' full-frontal comedy from the horniest morons around. These filthy whore-clowns are oiled up and ready to 69 your funny bone all night long. Or at least for an hour. I'm not saying they're prostitutes. But maybe they are. WARNING: This show contains no live sex acts, but a few of the actors have had sex before. And one of them likes it. Starring Johnathan Fernandez, Brandon Scott Jones, Molly Lloyd, Leslie Meisel, John Murray & Connor Ratliff Written by Aaron Burdette, Evan Greenspoon, Brandon Gulya, Matt Hunziker, Silija Ozols & Eli Terry Directed by Aaron Burdette and Leslie Meisel Produced by Jenny Bechem