Christian Capozzoli: Nutso Facto

Christian Capozzoli Christian Capozzoli
Characters more squirrelly than a pillowcase shoved full of chipmunks hopped up on enough Red Bull to kill a baby cow. LOONY, LOOPY and LOCO. It's not just CRACKERS and CRAZYTOWN. This is certifiably NUTSO FACTO. 

Written by and Starring Christian Capozzoli (UCBT-NY's BUCKY, TAKE IT PERSONAL & Comedy Central’s “THE COLBERT REPORT”) “

The equivalent of doing open-heart surgery on Venus Williams as she plays a doubles match at Wimbledon."" - The New York Daily News “

Christian Capozzoli is a powerhouse. Tremendous! Instantly smitten.” - Toronto Star “

I was cumming and shitting and pissing my brains out!” - Someone very ill