The Best of UCBT Sketch!

(212) presents: PONY UCB house sketch team (212) brings you a magical half-hour of sexy sketches and characters that are Ginuwinely Hilarious™ Starring: Russ Armstrong, Eddie Dunn, Cody Lindquist, Veronica Osorio, Natasha Rothwell, Josh Ruben Written by: Jo Firestone, Kerry McGuire, Kassia Miller, Ari Scott, Achilles Stamatelaky Directed by: Mike Scollins Bellevue Presents: Seinfeld "The Leaning Susan” A fully-realized new episode of Seinfeld, from the Maude team, Bellevue. Starring: Michael Antonucci, Joanna Bradley, Noah Forman, Dru Johnston, Cathryn Mudon, Laura Willcox Written by: Glenn Boozan, Claire Downs, Dru Johnston, Nathan Min, Matt Moskovciak, Melinda Taub Directed by: Brandon Gulya