Better Jeopardy!!

Everybody agrees that Jeopardy! is the best show on television. But what if it was...better? 

Better Jeopardy!! takes the classic version of Jeopardy!, which already totally rocks, and adds new rules, tweaks, and surprises to make it rock even harder. Join host Noah Forman, who is younger, hotter and more Jewish than Alex Trebec, as he leads three money-grubbing contestants through a gut-busting gauntlet of tough trivia, confounding clues, and emotional soul-searching. 

Welcome to the XFL of Jeopardy. Better questions, better rules, no fair catches. 

By attending this show, you will be able to personally make Jeopardy better. 

"It's better than Jeopardy."
"What is Better Jeopardy!!?"

Featuring your one-woman clue crew Kristen Acimovic!
Brought to you by Aleve Liquid Gels.