The KPop Show

Korean pop culture is HOT, and the worldwide takeover continues as we bring it to the UCB Inner Sanctum stage. This exhilarating show is half improv show, half Korean gameshow, and 100% FUN. In the first half, our guest teams will perform long-form improv inspired by a KPop music video or a Korean drama clip. After that, we'll break off into two teams to compete in crazy Korean gameshow-inspired challenges. There may or may not be a dance-off, but you'll have to come to find out! Come if you love all things KPop, come if you have no idea who BTS is and why they're performing at a bunch of music award shows all of a sudden—this show is for everyone! 

Hosted by KPop (Connie Shin, Vivian Yoon, Candice Yang, Jane Kim, Susan Song, Lizz Adams)